E-Commerce techniques to increase conversion

Fundamental stuff

It’s all about the fundamentals

Increasing conversions is a never ending struggle. You might be testing your “add to cart” button color for months and don’t see any significant results. You should bother with stuff like that only if you have all the fundamental stuff sorted out. Which brings us down to a couple of points:

Show before you tell.

  • Clear product images. Important as hell.
  • Step up your game with product videos and 360 degree product views. Just look at this beauty.

It’s powered by Sirv by the way.

Speak the language your customers do

This is the oldest advice in the book. Do your customer research.

Exceed expectations

This might include underpromising on stuff. Be careful with this. Do competitor analysis first.

Increase loading speed

  • Make your store website fast. Don’t forget about product pages, it’s highly likely that your visitors will land on those first.
  • Use Sirv to optimize images.

Add social proof

  • Reviews can go a long way. Use yotpo

Be transparent

  • Nobody likes bullshit.
  • Specify correct delivery dates and prices.
  • Always show the product you’re selling.

Capitalize on FOMO

  • Timers
  • Only 2 left
  • Buy before 14:00 to get same day shipping